A Trip to Paris

This invitation was for someone who absolutely loved Paris. Here is what the client wanted,” I have another even coming up in early November… It is for a office baby shower. The baby is a boy. We are incorporating everything french into the shower. Paris is the mommy to be’s favorite place and also where {Read More…}

Sea Babies Baby Shower Invitation

This was an invitation I made to coordinate with the baby’s bedding. You definitely can’t get an invitation that is this custom from anywhere else. We can’t wait to meet you, Braden! “Thanks again Christine! We look forward to having you do Braden’s birth announcements too!” -Brianna

Modern Baby Shower Invitations

So trendy and so unique..this design take a little bit more time to create but the outcome is well worth it. It uses the text as the “design” and looks so chic! Can be created using a rectangular shape as well. Pick any animal and any colors and I’ll make it work. Take it one {Read More…}