Vroom vroom! Start your engines! I had a blast working on this Cars themed party pack. I actually loved this movie and think it’s underrated. There was so much amazing detail put into it, and I admire how the creators and artists translated our world into a world of Cars. I took the time to recreate some of the Radiator Spring signs and storefronts, just because it was so much fun.


The invitation features Lightning McQueen and his best bud, Mater, in front of a packed stadium at the Dinoco 400!


Many party pack elements are inspired by the Cars characters, checkered racing flags, chrome car parts, and the signs, storefronts, and neon lights of Radiator Springs. I’ll be adding more and more signs as I go. The super party pack will be available soon, so check back often! Email Christine to place an order, or if you have any inquiries. Have an idea, but don’t see a sample available? We specialize in creating custom digital party packs based on your specifications!