My sassy little Charlie turned TWO over the weekend and we celebrated at the pool! I would have loved to throw her an amazing “Frozen” themed party since she is obsessed with Anna, Elsa, & Olaf these days but it made more sense to go with the next best thing: MERMAIDS! Charlie is a huge fan of “The Little Mermaid” and I love Ariel a lot myself but I decided to go in the DIY direction and use decorations I already owned such as seashells, streamers, and shimmer paper.

I spent many nights browsing Pinterest for ideas for decor, desserts, and other fun things for “under the sea” parties. I found a lot of great ideas online but I wanted to be realistic (I’m a full time mommy, wife, and ADN student), there isn’t enough time and money for everything I wanted to do — and that’s OK. I did what I could and I’m very pleased with the outcome! Charlie was amazed when she arrived and despite being in her “Terrible two’s” she actually was a terrific 2-year-old the entire time. :)


DSC_1776   DSC_1641

I love to DIY everything so the invitations (top photo), streamers + bubble background, silhouette/watercolor mermaid, table layout, cake (not the icing part — I had some back up for that!), edible seashells, cupcakes, jello cups, dipped marshmallows, party labels, and chalkboards were done by me.

I’m somewhat sad Charlie’s party is over. I had so much fun planning it! And everyone had so much fun at the party itself. But I know it won’t be long til I’m working on the next event…maybe it’ll be yours? ;)