Oh hi. I’m new here.

I would very much like to extend a special “thank you” to Christine for having me join the Pretty in Prints team. I’ve always admired Christine’s work and I’ve been a frequent visitor to the website, so it’s so great to be working with these wonderfully talented ladies!

In honor of my first post, I’d like to share a custom birthday invitation I designed recently for my cousin Brooke, who’s turning 8 this month. Please excuse the potato quality of the images.

Brooke's Birthday Invitation

A custom miniature golf themed birthday invitation

To celebrate, she’s inviting her classmates to the local miniature golf course. This one happens to be Halloween-themed, so the course is actually a dark, haunted graveyard! So, I was asked to create an invitation that was golf themed, and also, because Brooke loves kittens right now (last year it was peacocks) I had to think about how to incorporate that into the design as well. My aunt also requested thank you tags for the party favors.

Brooke's favor tags

Cute kitten party favor tags

I’m horrible at hole punching, but look at how adorable the kitty is! I love illustrating animals.

That’s all for now, but I’m looking forward to sharing some of my past work, and all the cute things that I’ll be coming up with in the weeks to come!