This is a tea length design that I created and redesigned in lavender for a “nature” themed bridal shower. I created a matching enclosure card using the same color scheme and branches. This design is so timeless and simple, but it encompasses the idea of “love” so perfectly. I think a design like this looks best without layering and without a pocket fold or envelopment because the design really speaks for itself.

Design Ideas: I love the way it looks when old branches are used as centerpieces. It can be a moneysaver if you live in a wooded area. Place them in vases or pots filled with something heavy and you can practically hang anything from them. Try hanging crystal ornaments for a fancy feel. For a personal touch, hang tiny picture frames with your engagement photos, childhood photos, or photos of friends and family who are sitting at that particular table. You can give those pictures away as favors as well!

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